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OzGreen Energy is a team of specialists using wireless and the cloud to deliver energy and water efficiency in buildings and on industrial sites. Our our strategic alliance partners in Australia and USA call on decades of commercial and military systems development and are all leaders in their fields of expertise. We haven't just arrived in the energy efficiency space - we've been here for more than 20 years. We deliver clean and green energy and water efficiency solutions unmatched for technical expertise, simplicity, and cost.


Prepare your business for M&V

Measurement and verification of energy and resource consumption, waste production and fuel consumption is now a critical process. OzGreen Energy’s MeterTracTM system automatically analyses consumption data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive suite of management reports and data tools. Real-time interactive streaming data linked to performance-based metrics drives business improvements and lower operating costs. Powerful predictive analysis and fault-free automatic inputs support regulatory requirements. MeterTracTM and WaterTracTM are cloud-based adaptive, intelligent, near real-time reporting systems second to none.

Prepare your business for energy efficiency

If you can't measure it - you can't manage it. User-friendly energy and water monitoring systems communicate by wireless (no wires or cables to retrofit) and the internet. Remote monitoring of energy  use, energy-saving load control over plant and equipment, and measurement of temperature, indoor air quality, water and gas consumption  can all be delivered to your laptop or PC in minutes ... almost anywhere      
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Ashley-Edison - UK

An Ashley-Edison Automatic Voltage Stabiliser (AVO) reduces your energy usage by

optimising the electricity supply voltage,significantly reducing your ongoing electricity costs and, through the need for less energy, greatly assisting in the quest for reducing carbon footprint. In addition, an Ashley Edison AVO protects electrical equipment against damaging power surges and voltage transients. By ensuring an optimised supply voltage, your electrical load equipment will operate more efficiently and be more able of attaining its intended design life with the added benefit of reduced ongoing equipment maintenance costs.                                                    

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Prepare your business for water efficiency

If you can't find a leak - you can't fix it. We use wireless (no wires or cables to retrofit) and the internet to remotely monitor water meters. Remote monitoring of water use, gas and power used to heat water, and energy used to cool water are critical to improving building operating efficiency and lowering operating plant operating costs. Information on water consumption can now be obtained in minutes not months.                                                    

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Store thermal energy and reduce energy costs

Using ice to store energy overnight can dramatically reduce costs using one of the most

 advanced phase change energy storage systems ever designed. Whether you are a building owner, engineer, architect or contractor you can easily integrate this technology with new or existing HVAC systems to shift HVAC peak load and protect against rising energy costs                                                                                                              

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